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SONG REVIEW: Sweet Hug – Misako Uno (AAA)

After AAA chose to suspend activities and go on an indefinite hiatus early last year, the remaining members have all immersed themselves in solo activities. And this has mostly been successful with member Shuta Sueyoshi going viral earlier in 2020 with his supremely catchy Hack (although I'm Your Owner is leagues better) and Sky-hi and … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: Sweet Hug – Misako Uno (AAA)

The 50 Best J-Pop songs of 2020 (25-6)

Now that I’ve counted down my favourite and least favourite K-pop songs of the year, it’s finally time to have a look at some of my absolute favourite J-pop songs of the year. Unlike K-pop, which experienced a strong but rather unspectacular year, Japan had an absolutely incredibly year musically. My countdown here is probably the strongest of the … Continue reading The 50 Best J-Pop songs of 2020 (25-6)